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Angelus Glitterlites

Learn to use Angelus Glitterlites with our Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I use Angelus Glitterlites Paint?

Angelus Glitterlites may require mixing by hand in order to introduce the glitter that has settled to the bottom. Stir the product until the glitter is introduced evenly throughout the bottle. Check out our tutorial video below:.

Should I apply a Finisher after using Glitterlites?

No finisher is required on top of Angelus Glitterlites. Glitterlites Paint is flexible and does not flake. Applying an Acrylic Finisher on top of the Glitterlites Paint may hinder the "glitter" look.

Can I add 2-thin to the Glitterlites?

You can in order to thin out the glitter to give less of distribution of the glitter. We do not recommend using Angelus Glitterlites through an airbrush as the pigment is too thick and may cause immediate clogging.

Can Glitterlites be mixed?

Yes, Glitterlites can be mixed. Many of our customers mix Angelus Glitterlites to obtain a desired custom color. Mixing White Sugar Glitterlite with other Glitterlites gives it a very formal/wedding feel.

Can I mix paint with Glitterlites?

You can mix Glitterlites with Angelus Paint but be warned it may hinder some of the glitter effect. If you cover the glitter with paint it will not be able to shimmer through.

Can I paint Angelus Glitterlites on canvas shoes?

You absolutely can! We recommend using a similar paint color as a base because, with use, the glitter will crease and may crack due to the flexible canvas material.