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Product Questions

All Angelus paint, dye, cleaner, and more related questions in one place.

Prep Questions

Learn how to prepare shoes, leather, denim, canvas, and more using Angelus products.

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Paint Questions

Learn what you can and can't do with Angelus paints. How to properly use Angelus paint for all different projects with shoes, leather, denim, canvas, and more.

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Finisher & 4-Coat Questions

Learn to use Angelus 4-Coat and Finishers to put a protective coating over your painted or dyed leather or shoes. Add another level of protection to your projects.

11 articles
Additive Questions

Quick guide and frequently asked questions for Angelus additives.

6 articles
Dye Questions

Learn how to use Angelus leather and suede dyes. Frequently asked questions and helping with any issues you may have.

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Cleaner Questions

Angelus cleaners are great for anything from leather, denim, canvas, and more for shoes or any articles. Here is our frequently asked questions about all of our cleaners.

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Angelus Glitterlites

Learn to use Angelus Glitterlites with our Frequently Asked Questions.

6 articles
Rit DyeMore Dye

Frequently Asked Questions for Rit Dye Dymore products. Learn to dye canvas, leather, and other materials using Rit Dye.

5 articles
Rit All-Purpose Dye

Frequently Asked Questions for Rit All-Purpose Dye

2 articles
Lace Questions

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