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Frequently Asked Questions for Rit Dye Dymore products. Learn to dye canvas, leather, and other materials using Rit Dye.

How do I prepare canvas with Rit Dye?

To prep, soak cotton canvas in cold water and soap, rinse and leave damp. Treated canvas can be difficult to dye, especially those treated with wax to be made waterproof – make sure to read care instructions. If it says cold water or dry clean only,

How do I prepare leather with Rit Dye?

To prep, thoroughly clean with leather prep. Use hottest tap water possible, if tap doesn’t get hot enough add water from stovetop at roughly 140F. Use leather conditioner after dyeing as salt in dye can dry it out. Keep in mind this will make the le

How do I dye synthetic or rubber shoes with Rit Dye?

To create dyebath, fill stainless steel pot with 3 gallons of water and heat to 170F. Don’t add shoes directly into boiling water as the heat might alter the shoe’s integrity. Wearing protective gloves, carefully add hot water from the stovetop into

How do I use Rit Dyemore for Fabric?

Prewash fabric in warm, soapy water to remove any finishes that may interfere with dye absorption. To create dyebath, fill stainless steel pot with 3 gallons of water and heat to just below boiling or 180F. Wearing protective gloves, add ½ bottle of

When to Angelus Leather or Suede Dye vs Rit Dye?

Angelus Leather and Suede dye are usually used for applying directly to leather and suedes. Generally on materials like canvas, denim, or anything permeable we advise against unless you are able to do a very thorough washing to get all the pigment ou