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Learn what you can and can't do with Angelus paints. How to properly use Angelus paint for all different projects with shoes, leather, denim, canvas, and more.


Quick Guide for using Angelus Paint

Here is a quick guide of how to use Angelus paint properly on multiple surfaces. The painting process is usually the same but the prep or additives may change depending on the material. Leather - Shoes, Sneakers, Clothing, Furniture, and More. Canvas

What can Angelus Paint be used on?

Angelus Paint can be used on any leather surface, as well as many other surfaces as long as they are prepped properly. Some of these other surfaces include: Canvas, Fabrics, Mesh, & more!. Angelus Paint is not recommended for use on the very bottoms

How does Angelus Paint differ from other paints?

Angelus Paints utilize a flexible, self leveling, non-cracking formula that adheres to multiple surfaces such as leather, vinyl, patent leather, canvas and more when prepared properly.

What paint should I use for ___?

Angelus Paints can be used on any type of shoe or leather item from shoes, sneakers, boots, sofas, couches, denim, canvas, and more. With the proper preparation it can adhere to any surface.

What kind of paint brush should I use?

We offer high quality Angelus Paint Brushes that can be found here. Any other high quality synthetic brushes made for acrylic paints will also work great.

Can Angelus Paint be mixed?

Yes, all of our paints are formulated to be mixed very easily. This gives you full control to create thousands of color varieties on your own. Recommended items include: Mixing Jars & Eye Droppers.

How do I prevent brush strokes?

To prevent brush strokes make sure to use a clean quality paintbrush and apply long light coats spreading the applied paint thoroughly along the shoe evenly. A heat gun or blow dryer can be used to actually speed drying and level the paint as well.

Will this paint work with my airbrush?

Yes, Angelus Paints will work in an airbrush if the airbrush has a needle over .5mm. No thinning is necessary as long as it is the proper size. If your needle is smaller than 0.5mm (ie 0.35mm or 0.1mm) we recommended mixing our product 2-thin into th

Should I be using an airbrush or a paintbrush?

Although airbrushing may seem like the best choice to many, paint brushing is a very good option in many circumstances such as minimal areas and detail work. Preference would be solely up to you in this case.

How do I thin the paint?

In order to thin Angelus Paints you would need to add Angelus 2-Thin. Depending on how thin you want the paint determines how much 2-Thin to add.

How do I prevent the paint from cracking?

To help prevent cracking, ensure the surface has been prepped properly using Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer. Aside from proper prep, applying the paint in thin coats will also help to prevent cracking.

How can I protect the paint from scuffs/scratches?

The paint is naturally abrasion resistant to a point but to protect from extra scuffs and scratches be sure to apply Angelus 4-coat to your work when done.

Why is my paint tacky/sticky?

Please make sure that your layers are fully dry between layers. If not, the tackiness may occur if the layers have not cured. The tacky feel should go away over time. On FAUX leather surfaces, it tends to stay longer. We recommend a very light sandin

How do I dull the paint?

In order to dull down paint you need to add Angelus Duller to the paint. Only 5-10% of duller is needed and recommended. Once done with painting you can also add scuff protection and change the sheen using Angelus 4-Coat.

How do I shine/gloss the paint?

In order to obtain a glossy effect while adding protection on project you can apply Angelus 4-Coat High Gloss. Apply 2-3 light coats when project is completely dry.

How do I make glow in the dark paint?

To achieve glow in the dark paint you would mix glow in the dark pigment (we do not carry this product) with Angelus Neutral paint. Once mixed thoroughly apply to prepared surface.

Will this paint work on the soles of my shoes?

Although Angelus paint can be applied to soles of shoes, it is not guaranteed to hold up. Therefore it is not recommended to paint on soles. If done so, apply some type of Sole-Protector to preserve the painted bottom.

How do I paint the mesh such as sockliners, laces, or tongue?

In order to paint sock liner or any mesh/nylon areas we recommend mixing Angelus paints with Angelus 2-Soft. Mixing Angelus Paint with 2-Soft in a 1:1 ratio will give the best results. The fabric/mesh will need to be heat-set after the paint has drie

How do I paint laces?

In order to paint/dye laces you need a fabric medium, like our 2-Soft, mixed with Angelus Paints with a 1:1 ratio. Be sure to heat dry the laces after applying the mix.

What is the difference between "Flat" paints and regular paints?

The difference between "flat" paints and regular is quite simple, regular paints provide a gloss like finish where Flat paints are matte and have no shine.

How long should I let the paint dry for?

Paint takes about 15-30 minutes to dry in between layers. After job is done it would take about a day to fully air dry. Same as a car that is painted, you wouldn't want to drive it right off the lot immediately after its done.

How do I use Angelus Neon Paints?

After your surface is properly prepped (see Prep section) we always recommend laying down 1-2 base coats of a standard color paint (not a neon, pearlescent, metallic, etc.) which is close to the color of Neon paint that you will be using. After your

What is the shelf life of the paint?

Angelus paints can last up to 3 years of stored properly in room temperature after opening the bottle.

Do you have the paint matched to ____ shoes?

Angelus Paints carries a vast assortment of matched colors to several of todays most coveted shoes. You can find those colors in the Collectors Edition. If you want some help getting closer to a certain color we do not have we do have customer suppor

Will your "Walk On" paints work on the soles of my sneakers?

Walk on Paints are made for leather heels and solid soled loafers BUT are not meant to apply on the soles of sneakers or any other shoes. It will not hold and eventually wears off.

How much Angelus paint do I need?

Here is a baseline idea for how much paint may be needed for a project:. 1 oz. of Angelus Paint:. 2-3 pairs of entire shoes. 1  small to medium handbag. Touch up an entire couch. 4 oz. of Angelus Paint:. 1 large handbag or purse. 6-12 pairs of shoes.

Where can I find a color chart?

Click here to see all of our colors charts!