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Order Questions

Frequently asked questions for order status, processing, and other policy questions.


How can I check on the status of my order?

If you wish to check your current order status click here!

Do you accept Pre-Paid Gift Cards?

Unfortunately we do not accept Pre-Paid Gift Cards. Our system only accepts PayPal and major Credit/Debit Cards that are linked to a valid Billing Address.

What does "Processing" mean?

Processing means we have received your order and it is in queue to be done. Our processing time is currently about 1-3 business days due to the busy holiday season. Business days meaning Monday through Friday. If you wish to speed up processing time

Can you ship to an address other than my Billing Address?

We can ship most normal orders to addresses other than the Billing Address. However, we are unable to ship relatively large orders to an address other than the Billing Address associated with the credit card used. The customers of such orders will be

Why am I getting a "Fraud" error when placing my order?

Usually when getting a fraud alert it means that billing information entered does not match the cards billing information. If billing is different than the shipping address make sure to select the box on the checkout to change it. Your funds may be p

Do you take phone orders?

Currently we do not take phone orders. All orders can be placed strictly online. If for some reason there is a problem feel free to call us and we will walk you through it.

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel an order it is best to call us during working hours, 7-3:30 PST M-Fri, and get it before we ship it out. An email will work but your order may get shipped out before we can get to it. Especially true if you chose rush processing.

Can I make changes to my order once it's been placed?

For the safety of our customers and to retain order accuracy, we are unable to make any changes to orders. However, if your order has not yet entered our Shipment process, we can cancel and issue a full refund for the order.

My order didn't go through but I got charged?

Usually when something like this happens it entirely has to do with the use of an incorrect Billing Address. The Billing Address has to be the Billing Address associated with the card. If you put an incorrect Billing Address, as a fraud protection, i

There was an error with my order, what should I do?

If you find that there was an error with your order, please e-mail us immediately regarding the issue. We will gladly take care of any errors within 30 days of purchase once we have confirmed the mistake with our records. We can be reached at: info@A

Avoiding Fraud for Customer Protection

An order confirmation with a copy of your drivers license and credit card may be required before processing an order if our fraudulent system detects something out of order. This is usually a wrong billing address, a very strange shipping address, or