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Finisher & 4-Coat Questions

Learn to use Angelus 4-Coat and Finishers to put a protective coating over your painted or dyed leather or shoes. Add another level of protection to your projects.

When do I use Acrylic Finisher vs 4-Coat?

Angelus Acrylic Finisher is intended for changing the sheen while applying mild scuff protection. Originally it was used for holsters and dipping leather items to give a final sheen to the article. Angelus 4-COAT is a urethane based clear coat that i

What is Angelus 4-Coat?

4-COAT is the industries best scratch resistant urethane clear coat. With its ultra high durability & flexibility, this protective top coat will help protect almost any project. It is available in 4 different sheens: Flat, Matte, Satin, & High Gloss.

What is Acrylic Finisher?

Acrylic Finisher is a clear top coat that can help protect the paint from minor scuffs and scratches. Using Acrylic Finisher is also a great way to add a nice sheen to your project. We carry 4 different Acrylic Finisher's which all offer a different

When should I use an Acrylic Finisher?

Acrylic Finisher is used after your project is completed and you wish to change the sheen of the project. Using the Acrylic Finisher is totally optional and is dependent upon personal preference. It is a mild scuff protectant. If looking for more pro

Why is Matte not Matte enough?!

The dulling agent at the bottom can solidify when sitting on the Matte Acrylic Finisher so make sure to shake the bottle before using each time.

How do I dull/flatten the Finisher?

In order to dull down a finisher a bit you can add Duller to the mix. 5% of duller is recommended amount to mix.

Will Acrylic Finisher prevent the paint from cracking?

Acrylic Finisher works as a added layer of durability to prevent scratching not cracking. Keep in mind, if prep work wasn't done correctly you are risking paint cracking and chipping. Always make sure to overdo prep of your items so that the products

Is Acrylic Finisher scuff protectant?

Yes, Acrylic finisher is a scuff protectant but it is intended more for changing the sheen of leather articles. The more layers added the more layers of protection. If you are looking for a stronger scuff protectant we suggest Angelus 4-Coat.

Does it dry clear?

Yes, Acrylic Finisher and 4-Coat dries on as a clear coat.

Can 4-Coat be Airbrushed?

Yes all 4-Coat sheens have been specially formulated to work in an airbrush. It will actually even heighten the gloss on the high gloss if applied by air brush.

Why does it feel tacky when completely dry?

Please make sure that your layers are fully dry between layers. If not, the tackiness may occur if the layers have not cured. The tacky feel should go away over time. On FAUX leather surfaces, it tends to stay longer. We recommend a very light sandin